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Welcome to the world of the undead, a world of shadows, mystery and myth. Everything you thought was foolish fancy is anything but. It's not what goes bump in the night, but what you cannot hear that you should truly fear.

The Coven is a Stargate: Atlantis AU based in the world of the supernatural. Vampires exist in the shadows, magic lies in the undercurrents of everyday life, and drawing the wrong attention could pull you into a whole new world of trouble. Currently this AU is closed to new writers, as we have a very thorough backstory and no time to organize a full chronology, though if you have an idea for a fic set in this universe, feel free to contact the comm mods to see if it'll fit in. The only relationship that is currently canon for this AU is Elizabeth Weir/John Sheppard/Kate Heightmeyer.

Index of Stories

First Blood by medie - The gauntlet's been thrown. (John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir - PG-13)

Vortex by havocthecat - They've begun taking action without realizing the consequences. (Kate Heightmeyer/John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir - NC-17)
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

Rush by medie - His grin widened and he reached for her. "No. More fun that way." (Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan - NC-17)

Lunch Break by havocthecat - Kate lay back on the blanket, her eyes closed and her mouth curved into a smile, as sunlight filtered through the trees to shine on her face. (Kate Heightmeyer/John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir - PG)

Advice by havocthecat - Sumner's telling me to ditch you and Kate while I still can. (Kate Heightmeyer/John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir - PG-13)

Beneath the Moon by havocthecat - The story of how Elizabeth and Kate met. (Kate Heightmeyer/Elizabeth Weir - NC-17)

A Wash of Crimson Colors by havocthecat - The story of Ronon's introduction to the Wraith. (Ronon Dex/Malena - PG-13)

The Characters
Elizabeth Weir, one of the oldest vampires in the city of Pegasus, is the owner of its premier nightclub, Atlantis, and leader of the largest coven of vampires in Pegasus. Her influence, while centered on Atlantis, spreads throughout the city in a myriad of untraceable ways. There are a number of smaller covens in the city; however, they have all negotiated treaties with Elizabeth, and acknowledge (sometimes grudingly) that her territory is preeminent. Some vampires, always those of other covens, think Elizabeth's fascination with the mortal world will get her into trouble some day. They've never seen how often it gets her out of trouble, or keeps her from it in the first place. Her mortal contacts throughout the city are formed only with those who are willing, and the loyalty she engenders among mortal and vampire alike is universally agreed-upon as remarkable. It is also whispered that she keeps in touch with other supernatural elements within Pegasus, but no one can confirm those rumors.
John Sheppard is a detective in the Pegasus Police Department's 23rd district. Tooling around in the city in his green (whatever type of car), nicknamed the puddlejumper as he navigated through the famously prevalent potholes in the city, he reports directly to the captain of his district, one Marshall Sumner. Officially, he's a highly-decorated officer, and well-respected. Unofficially, he's a highly-decorated officer, well-respected, and thought of as just a little strange. He's been seen going to the Atlantis nightclub frequently, but never indulges in any of the ilicit substances rumored--but never proven--to flow freely at the nightclub. He's fed a number of the stranger, more occult-related cases that come in to his district. Atlanis is in the heart of the 23rd district, and he insists to Captain Sumner that Elizabeth Weir is a useful contact. No one else at the police department knows about John's relationship with Elizabeth, or the world of the supernatural, and John would rather keep it that way.
Kate Heightmeyer owns the most well-known occult store in Pegasus, though given the number of tourists that stop in, very few people know that she is a genuine witch. She keeps to herself, and is quiet, with a wryly subtle sense of humor. She possesses a doctorate in psychology, with a concentration in therapy, though she primarily uses her degree when reading Tarot for strangers. Her connection with Elizabeth Weir is kept quiet, and the two women have a tenuous connection strengthened by occasional collaborative efforts against the Wraith. She stayes hidden, content to be in the background, unless sought out by Elizabeth, or events conspire against her. Her age is largely unknown; however, when speaking with Elizabeth, she does reference events which sound as if they were from the distant past. Recently, Elizabeth has introduced her to John Sheppard, and the two get along frighteningly well.
Teyla Emmagan is one of Elizabeth's most trusted friends, a warrior who doesn't hesitate to take the fight to the Wraith, and would give her unlife gladly to protect the innocents the Wraith harm. She has never lost the sense of empathy with others that characterized her mortal life, despite the tragedy of her father's death at the hands of the Wraith. It was only many years later that she discovered her former husband, Michael, had become one of the Wraith instead of dying, as she had presumed. She subsumes her rage at them for taking those dear to her, preferring to keep a cool head at all times. Her observational skills often go unnoticed, though she shares what she has learned privately in war councils with Elizabeth's coven. Teyla is leader of her own coven, though she has currently entrusted them to Halling, and works with Elizabeth against the Wraith for her own reasons.
Ronon Dex is a fierce, almost dour man of few words. Little is known of his mortal life, and very few members of Elizabeth's coven know when he was turned by Elizabeth. Ronon and his wife, Malena, were captured by the Wraith and tortured, together and then, later, separately. Ronon escaped, only to discover a dying Malena. When she drew her final breath, he'd gone on a rampage through their hive, determined to take as many of them with him as possible, and preferably their hive's queen. That rampage coincided with a raid on the hive led by Elizabeth Weir, who profited considerably from the distraction, and offered Ronon the chance to hunt the Wraith as a vampire. He's never regretted that decision, and will take any opportunity to kill just one more Wraith. He left the Atlantis coven and spent 70 years on his own; upon his return, he refused to answer any questions about his absence.
Radek Zelenka, a parapsychologist with a gift for technical matters, rooms in a large condo with Kate. His particular gift, telepathy, leaves him little privacy in his own mind, and Kate's ability to block him out was the spark that began their friendship. They are fiercely protective of each other, and do not tire of each other's company. Radek largely remains home, where he isn't forced to accidentally read other people's thoughts, though he can be lured out to help with Kate's shop.
Laura Cadman owns one of the busiest private detective firms in Pegasus. Formerly a homicide detective, after the divorce from John Sheppard was final, she gave two weeks' notice and opened her own firm. Her primary work comes from insurance firms and divorce lawyers, but she maintains good relations with her former coworkers, and helps them out when there's a situation a private investigator could work through more easily than a police officer. She doesn't even give John too much grief over it. Her relationship with John is friendly now, but things were a lot more tense shortly after the divorce. They tread warily around each other now, in case the tension flares up again.
Rodney McKay is a noted occultist, and famed far and wide as a skeptic. He and Kate have had a few run-ins, usually when he comes to her shop to put in a special order for reference books he can't find elsewhere. He is continually perplexed as to why she doesn't get a job teaching at the university, because academia is 'clearly where she belongs, except for that pesky matter of being too gullible for words.' He is also John's primary resource for occult cases that do not have ties to the vampire world.
Michael Kenmore is the visible representative of the Wraith that are trying to make a play on Elizabeth's territory. He is cool and controlled, willing to use manipulation and persuasion to get what he wants, but when he is pushed too far, he displays the characteristic brutality the Wraith are known for. His chief weakness is his obsession for his former wife, Teyla. He had always planned to return, and make her one of the Wraith. His discovery that he had waited too long, and she was a vampire who wanted nothing to do with him, threw him into a fit of murderous rage. The subsequent battle between the two decimated their former home.